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Wiesława (50)Joanna (38)Iwona (43)Jolanta (56)Lidia (32)Małgorzata (36)Piotr (45)

Wiesława 59.

Wiesława Kowalska (50 years old)

We deserve to be attractive and beautiful regardless of our age. Wiesława is the best example of this. After many years of marriage to her husband, who was an alcoholic, she decided to end this toxic relationship and get divorced. She took her life into her own hands and focused on herself. Her daughter Karolina registered her for the programme. In the application letter for the Metamorphoses cycle she wrote that all dental clinics were reluctant to start Wiesława’s treatment. Her problems included the periodontium, caries, lack of a lateral incisor and lack of lateral sections of teeth. Because of all these defects, chewing was only possible with the front teeth. Wiesława underwent a long treatment process, whose results exceeded the expectations of both herself and her daughter. Today she is a different woman and you can see it for yourself.

At our clinic Wiesława underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments + therapy
  • endodontic treatment
  • gum correction – coagulation
  • extractions of the remains of teeth
  • lower teeth whitening

a photograph of the old bridge: final prosthetic work – porcelain crowns on metal 16 – 26, 35, 34, 44, 45 + skeletal dentures with splints


Joanna 38.

Joanna is a mother of three children. She has worked mainly at home or in the office…mainly in the back room. She was ashamed of people, insecure and self-conscious about her teeth throughout her whole life – when she was 2 years old she broke her jaw. This event affected the condition of her teeth, also the permanent ones. The patient came to the clinic with very short teeth, discoloration, bad diastema and periodontal problems. After the treatment she became less reserved, as that was never really in her nature. Today a smile never leaves her face and we are just as happy, because thanks to the Metamorphoses we managed to change the fate of yet another person.

At our clinic Joanna Kwapisińska underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments + therapy
  • root canal treatment
  • extraction of root remnants
  • elements of orthodontic treatment – closure of spacing teeth – diastema
  • gum correction – coagulation
  • temporary crowns
  • conservative treatment
  • teeth whitening
  • final whitening, all-ceramic crowns and porcelain bridges on metal
  • preparation of a splint

Iwona 43.

A manager in an insurance and finance company. Her work mainly involves relations with clients,, where appearance is of a primary importance. Iwona suffered from bruxism (teeth grinding) and worn lower teeth. In the past she underwent filling procedures several times, but because of an inappropriate treatment the composites weren’t fitted properly and problems kept returning. Due to her appearance and yellow teeth, Iwona experienced problems at work and her position in the company was diminished. Metamorphoses helped her get rid of all inhibitions. Today she is self-confident, effective and resourceful.

At our clinic Iwona Kozłowska underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments
  • root canal treatment
  • following teeth whitening (initial colour C3/D4) replacement of all fillings for the suitable colour achieved after the whitening
  • preparation of a splint

Jolnta 56.

Jolanta is a single mother bringing up her daughter. Even though she retired, she remains very active. She often meets with her friends and tries to spend every free moment in the most effective way. Participation in the Metamorphoses initiated a new stage in her life. Her problems included wobbly upper and lower teeth, as well as periodontitis. We solved these problems with pleasure. Today her dream is to organise dancing nights for singles in Warsaw. She promised lifelong entry passes to several of our doctors.

At our clinic Jolanta underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments + therapy
  • teeth extractions
  • gum correction
  • endodontic treatment
  • whitening
  • conservative treatment – replacement of old fillings
  • prosthetic treatment: porcelain bridges + skeletal denture

Lidia 32.

Lidia is a busy student and teacher. She is now studying for a third major, all in the field of linguistics. She loves to teach foreign languages to children and teenagers and she is constantly acquiring new skills. She needed to distract herself from everyday life and to improve her appearance. Her teeth were in a fairly good condition, but required a few corrections and whitening. Lidia is delighted with the results of the treatment and says that her smile has never been so white and radiant. Work and learning now give her more pleasure because she is smiling practically all the time.


Małgorzata 36.

Małgosia is a very attractive woman. She heard about the programme accidentally and decided to enrol because she couldn’t stand the colour of her teeth. During the programme it turned out that she is a very courageous person, ready for radical changes. Apart from a beautiful smile she got a new hair colour and started wearing colourful clothes. She says that her whole life has become more colourful and she also decided to marry her long-time fiancé, with whom she has two gorgeous daughters.


Piotr 45.

Piotr wanted to prove to all men that participation in a project like Metamorphoses does not diminish masculinity. To the contrary – it allows them to start life anew. The patient had numerous old and unsightly fillings, as well as slightly damaged and yellowed teeth. He was shifting between jobs. Piotr quit his job in a corporation and started his own business, which depends largely on meetings with clients. He focused on himself, showed his wife and daughter that he is still a handsome man and proved to himself what he is capable of.