Julia the Squirrel Foundation
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00-892 Warszawa

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PKO BP Oddział 12, Warsaw Branch

In 2005 Dr. Emma Kiworkowa-Rączkowska, a mother of two girls, suggested founding the Villa Nova for the Children Foundation and co-running it together with her mother – Dr. Dżulietta Kiworkowa. Our employees, doctors and assistants declared their support. Under the aegis of Villa Nova Dental Clinic we managed to provide full treatment for over 200 children. We also carried out free diagnostic tests for over 1000 little patients. Still, this was a mere drop in the ocean of needs. The number of “hopeless” cases of children with milk teeth caries, and even permanent teeth caries was increasing.

A report published by the Ministry of Health only confirmed the alarming statistics: in Poland, 6-year-olds suffer from caries more often than their peers in Vietnam, Bosnia or South Africa! – treating children in clinics on an ad hoc basis or as part of health promotion campaigns is not enough (…).

The year 2012 was a breakthrough in the short history of the foundation. The year of Janusz Korczak became a great opportunity for the founders to complete a project that so far in Poland has only been the object of discussions – a nationwide project of mobile dental care called “Dentobus”. On Mother’s Day –  26th of May 2012 the foundation changed its name and logo – since then we have been operating as Julia the Squirrel Foundation.

Julia the Squirrel Foundation is the first public benefit organisation of this kind in the country. Its aim is to provide comprehensive dental care, in particular:

  • to children and young people with developmental abnormalities, as well as elderly and disabled people;
  • to children and young people from social institutions, such as a children’s home or foster care family; as well as
  • regular free consultations and dental check-ups for groups of children at a preschool age;
  • supporting and organising activities related to dental and medical care for children and young people with developmental abnormalities, as well as elderly and disabled people;
  • organising support and programmes for children and young people, including the “Dentobus” and “Healthy Smile Trams” actions, whose purpose is to promote oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle among children and youth.

Julia the Squirrel Foundation achieves its aims through free public benefit activity in the following areas:

  • treating children and young people with developmental abnormalities, as well as elderly and disabled people;
  • running a dental and medical clinic;
  • creating programmes and examination schemes for those who require dental and medical help;
  • financing dental and medical treatment for those affected by poverty;
  • gathering social activists to help realise the Foundation’s aims;
  • collaborating with public administration bodies and local authorities, public health institutions, media and other domestic and international organisations that promote dental and medical help to those in need;
  • funding academic scholarships and providing social grants;
  • educational activities related to the fulfilment of the Foundation’s statutory aims.

Fundacja Wiewiórki Julii (Julia the Squirrel Foundation)