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Piotr wanted to prove to all men that participation in a project like Metamorphoses does not diminish masculinity. To the contrary – it allows them to start life anew. The patient had numerous old and unsightly fillings, as well as slightly damaged and yellowed teeth. He was shifting between jobs. Piotr quit his job in a corporation and started his own business, which depends largely on meetings with clients. He focused on himself, showed his wife and daughter that he is still a handsome man and proved to himself what he is capable of.

Treatments performed:

  • Hygienization
  • Conservative treatment
  • Repeated root canal treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances in the upper and lower arch
  • Whitening
  • Porcelain crowns in the upper arch around teeth 14-24

(This photo is the result of individual treatment and requires a comprehensive approach to the patient, without the possibility of guaranteeing the effect as in the photo.)