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Joanna is a mother of three children. She has worked mainly at home or in the office…mainly in the back room. She was ashamed of people, insecure and self-conscious about her teeth throughout her whole life – when she was 2 years old she broke her jaw. This event affected the condition of her teeth, also the permanent ones. The patient came to the clinic with very short teeth, discoloration, bad diastema and periodontal problems. After the treatment she became less reserved, as that was never really in her nature. Today a smile never leaves her face and we are just as happy, because thanks to the Metamorphoses we managed to change the fate of yet another person.

At our clinic Joanna Kwapisińska underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments + therapy
  • root canal treatment
  • extraction of root remnants
  • elements of orthodontic treatment – closure of spacing teeth – diastema
  • gum correction – coagulation
  • temporary crowns
  • conservative treatment
  • teeth whitening
  • final whitening, all-ceramic crowns and porcelain bridges on metal
  • preparation of a splint

(This photo is the result of individual treatment and requires a comprehensive approach to the patient, without the possibility of guaranteeing the effect as in the photo.)