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Jolanta is a single mother bringing up her daughter. Even though she retired, she remains very active. She often meets with her friends and tries to spend every free moment in the most effective way. Participation in the Metamorphoses initiated a new stage in her life. Her problems included wobbly upper and lower teeth, as well as periodontitis. We solved these problems with pleasure. Today her dream is to organise dancing nights for singles in Warsaw. She promised lifelong entry passes to several of our doctors.

At our clinic Jolanta underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments + therapy
  • teeth extractions
  • gum correction
  • endodontic treatment
  • whitening
  • conservative treatment – replacement of old fillings
  • prosthetic treatment: porcelain bridges + skeletal denture

(This photo is the result of individual treatment and requires a comprehensive approach to the patient, without the possibility of guaranteeing the effect as in the photo.)