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A manager in an insurance and finance company. Her work mainly involves relations with clients,, where appearance is of a primary importance. Iwona suffered from bruxism (teeth grinding) and worn lower teeth. In the past she underwent filling procedures several times, but because of an inappropriate treatment the composites weren’t fitted properly and problems kept returning. Due to her appearance and yellow teeth, Iwona experienced problems at work and her position in the company was diminished. Metamorphoses helped her get rid of all inhibitions. Today she is self-confident, effective and resourceful.

At our clinic Iwona Kozłowska underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments
  • root canal treatment
  • following teeth whitening (initial colour C3/D4) replacement of all fillings for the suitable colour achieved after the whitening
  • preparation of a splint

(This photo is the result of individual treatment and requires a comprehensive approach to the patient, without the possibility of guaranteeing the effect as in the photo.)