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We deserve to be attractive and beautiful regardless of our age. Wiesława is the best example of this. After many years of marriage to her husband, who was an alcoholic, she decided to end this toxic relationship and get divorced. She took her life into her own hands and focused on herself. Her daughter Karolina registered her for the programme. In the application letter for the Metamorphoses cycle she wrote that all dental clinics were reluctant to start Wiesława’s treatment. Her problems included the periodontium, caries, lack of a lateral incisor and lack of lateral sections of teeth. Because of all these defects, chewing was only possible with the front teeth. Wiesława underwent a long treatment process, whose results exceeded the expectations of both herself and her daughter. Today she is a different woman and you can see it for yourself.

At our clinic Wiesława underwent the following procedures:

  • photographs (dental pictures at every stage of treatment)
  • tomography
  • oral hygiene treatments + therapy
  • endodontic treatment
  • gum correction – coagulation
  • extractions of the remains of teeth
  • lower teeth whitening

a photograph of the old bridge: final prosthetic work – porcelain crowns on metal 16 – 26, 35, 34, 44, 45 + skeletal dentures with splints

(This photo is the result of individual treatment and requires a comprehensive approach to the patient, without the possibility of guaranteeing the effect as in the photo.)