Aesthetic dentistry

My success arises from my smile. In Hollywood it buys you everything. It just has to be white as snow and straight as the Statue of Liberty.
Greta Garbo

We usually associate healthy, snow-white teeth with cinema stars. They can disarm the most dangerous weapon with their ideal smile. And even though the dream factory is famous for its “Hollywood smile”, it doesn’t mean that you can only afford to be a star in the land of the Statue of Liberty. You can become one as well and you should start with an ideal smile.

A beautiful smile means healthy white teeth set straight in full dental arches. To achieve that effect you need the most advanced technologies, full commitment of your doctor and a close cooperation between particular areas of dentistry. But…where there’s will, there’s a way. It’s a well-known fact that nothing can boost our mood and self-esteem more than beautiful appearance. Following a study involving 400 people between 25 and 40 years old, scientists in California came to a conclusion that persons who are well-groomed, satisfied with their looks and without inhibitions achieve more in their professional life. Not to mention private life…

Investing in myself was the best business I’ve ever done.
Steve Jobs

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we achieve spectacular results in the area of aesthetic dentistry thanks to the application of the California Smile concept, which combines natural looks with the quest for perfection.

Everyone knows it or heard about it. Its name is passed ear-to-ear during girls’ chats and boys’ nights out. It enraptures, startles and arouses passion. Yet, it is never a bad character, it doesn’t disappear, disappoint nor hurt anyone’s feelings. Nobody’s perfect, but this one is. It can approach you perfectly, match up with you, become your other half. Yes, it’s true it is addictive but it’s not a bad addiction. It does what it is supposed to do in velvet gloves, while you can no longer imagine life without it. California smile – as that’s what we are talking about – smiles at you with a compelling glitter and tempts with its ideal shape. It’s irresistible. You surrender to its charm and become equally charming. Now you know the secret of the stars and how they managed to achieve spectacular effects without diets and a scalpel. You just fall for it immediately.

And you also entice with your shameless whiteness…

In order to achieve the California smile effect, at Villa Nova Dental Clinic we approach each Patient in a multidisciplinary way. For our smile to delight, what is require id not only teeth whitening, but something more in each individual case.

We look at the harmony of the smile and the features and we strive for perfection so that after the comprehensive treatment the Patients are enchanted with themselves.

We use the following methods:

  • veneers,
  • all-ceramic crowns,
  • teeth whitening,
  • orthodontic corrections and
  • touches of aesthetic medicine,

so that the final effect exceeds the wildest expectations of the Patients who entrust us with their appearance.