Tooth whitening

The one who invented teeth whitening deserves a Nobel prize.

The stars shine the brightest and that is why every trend starts from them. They know that a beautiful smile makes a stronger impression than perfect make-up, hair style or elaborate outfit. It is said that in their world no career is possible without talent and Hollywood smile. One of the most popular, most fashionable and quickest aesthetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. This procedure will make your face take on a new brilliance.

Everything started a long, long time ago in the Roman Empire…It was there, in the 1st century CE that various procedures aimed at lightening dark colours were performed. Later the evolution of this procedure took hundreds of years in many countries up until the 20th century, when specialists developed safe methods of whitening teeth both at dentist’s surgeries and at home. And because everything comes from the stars, similarly the snow-white smile came into fashion and entered the streets. More and more people impress with their Hollywood smile. Don’t we all want to look like stars?