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My success arises from my smile. In Hollywood it buys you everything. It just has to be white as snow and straight as the Statue of Liberty.
Greta Garbo

We usually associate healthy, snow-white teeth with cinema stars. They can disarm the most dangerous weapon with their ideal smile. And even though the dream factory is famous for its “Hollywood smile”, it doesn’t mean that you can only afford to be a star in the land of the Statue of Liberty. You can become one as well and you should start with an ideal smile.

A beautiful smile means healthy white teeth set straight in full dental arches. To achieve that effect you need the most advanced technologies, full commitment of your doctor and a close cooperation between particular areas of dentistry. But…where there’s will, there’s a way. It’s a well-known fact that nothing can boost our mood and self-esteem more than beautiful appearance. Following a study involving 400 people between 25 and 40 years old, scientists in California came to a conclusion that persons who are well-groomed, satisfied with their looks and without inhibitions achieve more in their professional life. Not to mention private life…

Investing in myself was the best business I’ve ever done.
Steve Jobs

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we achieve spectacular results in the area of aesthetic dentistry thanks to the application of the California Smile concept, which combines natural looks with the quest for perfection.

Everyone knows it or heard about it. Its name is passed ear-to-ear during girls’ chats and boys’ nights out. It enraptures, startles and arouses passion. Yet, it is never a bad character, it doesn’t disappear, disappoint nor hurt anyone’s feelings. Nobody’s perfect, but this one is. It can approach you perfectly, match up with you, become your other half. Yes, it’s true it is addictive but it’s not a bad addiction. It does what it is supposed to do in velvet gloves, while you can no longer imagine life without it. California smile – as that’s what we are talking about – smiles at you with a compelling glitter and tempts with its ideal shape. It’s irresistible. You surrender to its charm and become equally charming. Now you know the secret of the stars and how they managed to achieve spectacular effects without diets and a scalpel. You just fall for it immediately.

And you also entice with your shameless whiteness…

In order to achieve the California smile effect, at Villa Nova Dental Clinic we approach each Patient in a multidisciplinary way. For our smile to delight, what is require id not only teeth whitening, but something more in each individual case.

We look at the harmony of the smile and the features and we strive for perfection so that after the comprehensive treatment the Patients are enchanted with themselves.

We use the following methods:

  • veneers,
  • all-ceramic crowns,
  • teeth whitening,
  • orthodontic corrections and
  • touches of aesthetic medicine,

so that the final effect exceeds the wildest expectations of the Patients who entrust us with their appearance.

Apart from the purely medical aspect, dental treatment more and more often concentrates on the improvement of the aesthetics of smile. The mouth, with visible teeth take up a significant part of the face and considerably impact a person’s appearance and looks. Patients who often undergo a complex treatment process would like to know at the very start what effect will eventually be achieved. Until now, they had to rely on their imagination and listen to a medical language, which is not always accessible and lucid.

Now our Patients can see the effects of treatment before any procedures are initiated.

The development of computer technology and image processing created the possibility of depicting the appearance of the patient’s face, which will most likely be achieved after the completion of the treatment.

It is an innovative, completely non-invasive method that offers ample opportunities in the communication between the patient and the doctor.

This method consist in taking a series of photographs of the patient’s face in strictly defined conditions and  from particular perspectives. Then, after careful analysis of occlusal conditions and – what is extremely important – the patient’s expectations, the photograph undergoes computer processing, as a result of which a modified image of the patient’s face is obtained. The patient can then evaluate the visualisation according to his or her expectations and ideas. After any potential corrections are made, the visualisation is included in the medical documentation, which enables the doctors to better control the treatment process that leads to the achievement of the desired effect.

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we provide everything that is necessary to experience 100% satisfaction and comfort after the completion of dental treatment. We offer you aesthetic medicine treatments with the use of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.

Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, can be used to eliminate mimic wrinkles, treat bruxism and reduce gummy smile.

Hyaluronic acid is used for lip augmentation and lip colour correction, for restoring lost face volume, as well as for mesotherapy.

Gummy smile

Crucial elements of the aesthetic of smile include harmony, symmetry and proportions. It sometimes happens that the muscles participating in the smile actively pull the upper lip, displaying an excessive portion of gums. Adequately administered small dose of botulinum toxin is able to help restore the harmony and symmetry of the smile. As every botulinum toxin procedure, the injection needs to be repeated every 4 to 6 months.

Lip shape and lip colour correction

After comprehensive orthodontic, prosthetic or aesthetic dental treatment, there is the possibility of performing a minimally invasive procedure that enhances lip shape. It consists in an intracutaneous application of hyaluronic acid. The application of hyaluronic acid in dentistry is a significant complementation to any procedures aimed at restoring a beautiful, harmonious and symmetrical smile. The amount of acid administered is so small that changes remain invisible to an untrained eye. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced in our body, restores, moisturises and refreshes the skin. Appropriately applied and administered, it can enhance the contour of lips, moisture them, restore their symmetry and highlight a beautiful and sensual smile.

Bruxism – treating headaches

Excessive teeth grinding and clenching the jaw was classified as a civilization disease. The speed of life and accompanying stress have to be released. This usually takes place at night during sleep. An exhausted body releases accumulated emotions through clenching the jaw with a muscle known as the masseter. Excessive muscle contraction may be the source of significant tension at the surface of the teeth and cause teeth wearing out, overload, cervical cavities, hypersensitivity and even cracks. Treatment with a dental guard usually proves insufficient.

This is where botulinum toxin proves to be salutary. Its task is to weaken the excessively developed muscle. A weaker muscle can no longer clench the jaw with such a force. The relaxation of the muscle relieves tension headaches, ear and temple pain, as well as pain in the mandibular joint. Very often the patient can resign from wearing the dental guard.

Patients who regularly take advantage of these procedures report a significant improvement in sleep quality and reduction of bothersome headaches.

Botulinum toxin injections are administered every 6 to 9 months, depending on the level of bruxism.

Sometimes you have to work more, sacrifice yourself more and sleep less in order to reach your goal
Steve Jobs

A prosthetic crown is a permanent restoration in the oral cavity used in case of extensive damage or complete lack of crown, when the root of the tooth has not been damaged yet. The crown covers all surfaces of the tooth and is mechanically resistant, which provides additional reinforcement to the remaining structures of the treated tooth.

High aesthetic expectations set for prosthetic restorations led to a number of studies focused on finding a prosthetic solution that will best imitate the natural tooth enamel. Currently all-ceramic restorations are considered one of the best. The high standard of restoration is achieved thanks to the use of computers at every stage of design and production. Thanks to this, the prosthetic restoration has the same characteristics as a natural tooth.

The main feature that distinguishes an all-ceramic crown from a classical porcelain crown on metal is the presence of a ceramic root that replaces the metal one and closely resembles the natural structure of the tooth.


All-ceramic restorations revolutionised the opportunities for obtaining crowns of high aesthetic value. A natural tooth is transparent enough for the light to penetrate through its entire thickness. A similar effect is achieved with all-ceramic restoration, which provides sophisticated aesthetic effects that imitate natural teeth.

In case of all-ceramic restorations and in contrast to porcelain crowns on metal, we can also avoid the blue gum effect around the neck of the tooth.


In the oral environment, metal alloys used in prosthetic restorations may undergo corrosion and can demonstrate toxicity. Corrosion is caused mainly by common metals ions.

The reaction to ions is manifested by allergy symptoms. Typically, local symptoms dominate, such as for example gum reddening. The reason for this are the ions penetrating the surrounding soft tissues. In case of all-ceramic restoration this phenomenon is absent, as Cercon is completely neutral to body tissues.

3. PRECISION, ACCURACY AND ARTISTRY The ideal adhesion of the internal part of the crown to dental hard tissues is obtained thanks to using a computer at every stage of the creation of the crowns – CAD/CAM.

CAD, i.e. Computer Aided Design refers to the use of a computer at every stage of the design process, while CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) supports the manufacturing process. Thanks to the use of CAD/CAM, as well as the use of cercon oxide, we obtain prosthetic restorations of the highest quality.

The CAD/CAM technology, which is used in the manufacturing process enables to achieve perfect crown impermeability. Crown design is visible on the screen ,which allows for multiple zooming that takes care of the finest details of the crown. Computer-manufactured prosthetic reconstructions are characterised by high precision, and thus very good adhesion, which exceeds restorations produced using traditional methods. The entire process is completed with the use of a computer and design software, which eliminates many potential human errors.

The main advantages of all-ceramic crowns include:

  • Stunning aesthetic effects;
  • Natural transparency;
  • Very high resistance and durability;
  • Perfect adjustment;
  • No tissue irritation or allergy.

They are used primarily to restore front teeth, as this material (zirconium dioxide) performs very well in areas of great aesthetic significance. Thanks to its physical properties zirconium dioxide enables to reconstruct not only single teeth, but also groups of teeth in the form of bridges (even very extensive), connectors or crown-root inlays used in the reconstruction of dead, endodontically treated teeth.

The most stupid thing a person can do is to give up on their dream.
Margaret Thatcher

Porcelain veneers, also known as all-ceramic aesthetic restorations, are currently the most advanced form of aesthetic restoration of teeth. They can be fitted both in the upper and lower jaw. They make it possible to achieve the effect of beautiful, even and bright teeth which are also significantly more resistant to mechanical damage compared to classical composite. Their  durability is estimated to be around 15 years.

After this period, due to the irreversible process of the ageing of gums and the decrease in the strength of the bonding, it may be necessary to exchange them for new ones.

A classical veneer is a thin shell made out of highly aesthetic dental porcelain cemented to the front side of the tooth. It is from 0.4 to 1.5 mm thick, thanks to which this method is significantly less invasive compared to porcelain crowns.

The condition for this kind of restoration is proper oral hygiene, stable occlusal conditions and a low level of tooth damage.

In case of extensive cavities, fitting a crown is recommended, as the veneer itself is a very delicate restoration and only when it is fixed on a stable basis, can it become an extremely strong filling of enhanced aesthetic value.

Thanks to the technique of multi-layer fusion, it is possible to obtain natural translucency and the depth of porcelain structure, which additionally makes the surface of porcelain resemble natural enamel surface. Due to their photo-optical features, veneers integrate very well into the teeth surface, thanks to which the process of enamel stripping is kept to the minimum.

Indications for veneers include:

  • various types of abnormalities in the micro and macrostructure of the enamel,
  • tooth shape abnormalities,
  • moderate discoloration, which cannot be removed by whitening,
  • extensive cervical cavities,
  • worn incisal edges.

A typical course of treatment comprises four appointments.

  1. During the first appointment, the doctor takes medical history, performs a detailed dental examination, evaluates the aesthetics of the dentition and discusses the patients’ expectations. Thorough photographic documentation and dental impressions are also made.
  2. After the proposed computer-visualised teeth shape is prepared and accepted, a technician makes a wax veneer mock-up, which is used during the subsequent appointment to prepare a test work to assess aesthetics, phonetics and functions.
  3. If tests are successful, during the third appointment the Patient’s teeth are gently and selectively stripped. Dental impressions are made and temporary veneers are prepared.
  4. The last, final appointment finalises the process – ready porcelain veneers are cemented to the Patient’s teeth.

The one who invented teeth whitening deserves a Nobel prize.

The stars shine the brightest and that is why every trend starts from them. They know that a beautiful smile makes a stronger impression than perfect make-up, hair style or elaborate outfit. It is said that in their world no career is possible without talent and Hollywood smile. One of the most popular, most fashionable and quickest aesthetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. This procedure will make your face take on a new brilliance.

Everything started a long, long time ago in the Roman Empire…It was there, in the 1st century CE that various procedures aimed at lightening dark colours were performed. Later the evolution of this procedure took hundreds of years in many countries up until the 20th century, when specialists developed safe methods of whitening teeth both at dentist’s surgeries and at home. And because everything comes from the stars, similarly the snow-white smile came into fashion and entered the streets. More and more people impress with their Hollywood smile. Don’t we all want to look like stars?

See -> whitening

t’s the teeth, not solutions that should be straight.
Abraham Lincoln

Orthodontic treatment at Villa Nova Dental Clinic draws not only on the scientific bases of orthodontics, but also pays attention to the ART OF ORTHODONTICS.


Achieving the results of orthodontic treatment that can be described as NORMAL are often not satisfying enough for our adult patients.


Improving the quality of people’s lives by making them look more attractive is the effect of orthodontic treatment and it cannot be overestimated. The new tendency is to bring both facial features and single teeth to perfection, which is the aim of macro- and microaesthetics.


At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we offer adult orthodontics and its strategy includes elements that prevent the negative effects of ageing. The knowledge of the nature of the soft tissue ageing process has a significant impact on the orthodontic treatment plan, as well as the facial appearance in the short and long term.

Treatment plan at VNDC involves elements of the assessment of facial outlines, such as: the position of the chin, lips and the degree of convexity of the facial profile. These are the essential components of so-called MACROAESTHETICS, the study of which will enable to plan orthodontic treatment in such a way that the final facial appearance most desired by our Patients is achieved. In many cases it will also restore YOUNGER LOOK.

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we apply new concepts of aesthetic classification, as well as “smile design” concepts, which



MICROAESTHETICS involves components related to the shape, proportions and the alignment of single teeth, as well as groups of teeth.


Following orthodontic treatment, it might turn out that the structure of single teeth is not perfect. Their shape, which changed due to many years of occlusal abnormality, often requires correction, i.e. recontouring.

Not all our Patients want or can have fixed porcelain veneers, which offer a spectacular aesthetic effect for many years (see-> PORCELAIN VENEERS)

At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we also offer a wide range of procedures applied at the final stage of orthodontic treatment in order for our Patients to achieve a better smile. The basic procedures include:

  1. Remodelling of approximal surfaces that allows for the dental black triangles to be eliminated.
  2. The change of convexity of the labial surface of the teeth – the correction of the convexity helps to achieve a more aesthetic appearance of the labial surface of the teeth.
  3. Contouring of the gingival margins with a laser in order to achieve a better white and red aesthetics (teeth and gums). It includes:
    • elimination of gummy smile,
    • elimination of a large disproportions in the height of gingival margins along the teeth,
    • elimination of unfavourable gingival hypertrophy or single hypertrophic warts.

1. Can anyone whiten their teeth?

Teeth whitening methods used at Villa Nova Dental Clinic are highly safe, even though there are certain limitations to their use:

  • they should not be used in pregnant and breastfeeding women, as there are no studies confirming their impact on the foetus;
  • children under 14 years old, as well as people with diagnosed allergy to peroxides and resins should not have their teeth whitened.

2. Can all teeth be whitened?

In a vast majority of cases – yes. The best candidates for teeth whitening include patients with naturally dark coloration, discoloration caused by coffee, strong tea or cigarettes, as well as patients with genetic changes. However, no whitening method can guarantee full success. There are cases of very strong discolorations that are resistant to whitening treatments e.g. extensive staining caused by antibiotics. This however does not mean that these patients have no other option. The perfect solution could be ceramic veneers or prosthetic crowns that ensure a perfect aesthetic effect.

3. Do whitening products cause damage to teeth?

Numerous scientific studies show that teeth whitening methods are completely harmless to the enamel. It does not affect the structure of the hard dental tissue nor increase susceptibility to dental caries.

4. Are there any side effects associated with teeth whitening?

Sometimes a slight hypersensitivity to thermal stimuli, e.g. hot or cold and gum redness, can occur. However, applying special products can permanently remedy this ailment.

5. What should be avoided in case of teeth whitening?

The following activities should be avoided as they may have negative impact on the process of treatment:

  • smoking cigarettes;
  • drinking coffee, strong tea, red wine, coloured drinks, citrus fruit, fruit juices and medications against stomach acid disorders;
  • using other whitening products at the same time;
  • drinking and consuming food when the splints are fitted.

6. Do unaesthetic fillings need to be removed before teeth whitening?

Whitening products do not work on all composite fillings or prosthetic crowns. Therefore the removal of unaesthetic fillings before the whitening process is not always sensible. In some cases, we replace fillings before whitening. Each case is treated individually and the decision regarding the sequence of procedures is made by the doctor. The best moment to do it, including the matching of the teeth with the new colour, is around 2 weeks after the whitening process is completed and the final treatment effect is established. Before the treatment, it is necessary to:

  • remove sediment and tartar from the teeth;
  • fill carious cavities with temporary material;
  • replace leaking fillings (temporary material);
  • check that your periodontium is in good condition.