There are no situations that cannot be resolved or gaps that cannot be filled.
Ronald Reagan

There are many things that we remember from childhood: candy floss on a stick, blowing dandelions, playing dominoes. When we become adults, we focus on different things, but still remember the childhood tastes and games. We know exactly what domino effect is. It also applies to our teeth. Teeth form a coherent whole, like a harmonious team, where even the lack of a single player might can lead to confusion. In case of teeth– this confusion means occlusal abnormalities, bone atrophy, temporomandibular joint disorders and the loss of further teeth. Not to mention aesthetic considerations and the inhibitions they cause. That’s why a missing tooth must be replaced with a new one as soon as possible – a substitute player must join the team. This is exactly what the field of dentistry called prosthetics is all about. At Villa Nova Dental Clinic, we can offer our patients all the latest prosthetic solutions available on the planet. Our qualified, experienced and passionate dental prosthetistswill be happy to advise you and select a durable, aesthetic solution, perfectly adjusted to your individual needs.

It should be noted, however, that prosthetics isn’t just about dentures.The range of prosthetic restorations that we can offer our Patients is much wider, and is constantly being expanded by new solutions.

We currently use:

  • inlays,
  • onlays
  • porcelain veneers,
  • crowns,
  • bridges,
  • crown-root inlays,
  • implant-based prosthetic restorations,
  • and, quite obviously, dentures.

It’s true that one might easily surrender to the allure of beautiful white teeth, but in case of prosthetic restoration, it’s also easy to end up with an artificial look. At Villa Nova Dental Clinic we try to explain to our patients that what matters most in case of such restorations are natural proportions and harmony with the shape of the face. That’s why we discuss in detail the course and form of treatment, based on a thorough analysis of each individual case. In some cases, we use computer simulation.

We collaborate with the best dental laboratories, whose employees are some of the leading technicians in Poland. The results of their work have been presented and awarded at numerous professional congresses. We help our Patients with choosing a solution that best matches their needs from among a real “sea of prosthetic possibilities”, so that each and every one of them can enjoy a radiant smile.