Panoramic x-rays

An orthopantomogram (dental panoramic radiograph, so-called panorex) enables to show the entire dentition, jaw bones as well as neighbouring structures in one image, with a dose of radiation corresponding to 4-5 tooth x-rays. Despite the fact that an orthopantomogram is less accurate that single tooth X-rays, it allows for a comprehensive assessment of the status of dentition, which explains its significant usefulness in the diagnostic process, treatment planning and the assessment of results.

The projection geometry of panoramic X-rays ensures the highest quality, regardless of the anatomy of the facial skeleton. Other advantages of orthopantomograms include: no nuisance to the patient, the possibility of carrying out the examination in patients unable to open their mount, image understandable to the patient.

An orthopantomogram is essential to provide an accurate diagnosis. Based on the image, we can hold a consultation and present a treatment plan already during the first appointment, by assessing e.g. the condition of teeth, bones, the presence of inflammatory lesions, impacted teeth (e.g. wisdom teeth), sinus or periodontal diseases.

An orthopantomogram is essential inimplantological and orthodontic treatment. At Villa Nova Dental Clinic panoramic X-rays are taken routinely as a preliminary examination before the commencement of dental treatment.