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Tooth whitening

Radosław (27)Barbara (25)Tamara (30)Tomasz (28)Katarzyna (33)

Radosław 27.

Radosław unfortunately smoked cigarettes in large quantities. His wife and daughter persuaded him to make an attempt to quit. They made it! The young salesman in a store with mobile phones, to celebrate his personal success decided to invest in your smile. The effects of what is gained through comprehensive treatment and teeth whitening are amazing.

Barbara 25.

Ms. Barbara was not really happy with the color of your teeth. As an aspiring photographer in the fashion industry needed more courage to the people and white smile helped her to achieve it.

Tamara 30.

Makeup Artist.

She loves to do make-up and change the appearance of people and she often experiments with bold make-up on her face. She decided to undergo professional teeth whitening to get a beautiful smile to go with every color of the mouth. No doubt she can do it 🙂

Tomasz 28.

IT specialist, after the comprehensive treatment of teeth “put a dot over the i” and additionally bleached them. The family is delighted with the result and at work they see a big change, friends are  jealous but Tomek just smile …

Katarzyna 33.

Mother Francis and Olive, wife and notary in one. She wanted some day it will be dazzling smile even more than before. The kids are proud of the laughing mom, husband delighted with the effect of whitening teeth and Kasia smiles more and gained more confidence.