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Adam (25)Mikołaj (31)Tadeusz (35)Jowita (23)Kacper (11)

Adam 25.

The banker

Malocclusion and missing teeth effectively hindered his meeting with clients. In his private life – single. After completion of the orthodontic treatment, smile all the time visitors to the patient’s face. 100% change in my life! The promotion of work and personal life – married next year.

Mikołaj 31.

Lawyer. Dad of twins.

Malocclusion stop him in daily contact with people. He claims that the treatment helped him in his work, now has more customers, because it encourages them not only a professional approach to issues related to their work, but also self-confidence and a smile.

Tadeusz 35.

Internist. Dad of 3 years Pola.

Malocclusion stop him in daily contact with patients. Mr. Charles teeth after therapy allow you to smile “from ear to ear” – as defined daughter with whom love shared antics and fun.

Jowita 23.

Very large malocclusion. The treatment still requires adjustment of the lower left canine. A student of sociology. In the future, can not imagine working without people. Is a social worker, engages in actions to support the elderly and infirm. Beautiful smile allowed her to open up more and more boldly now comes to life.

Kacper 11.

The student.

The parents decided to orthodontic treatment in order to deprive the son of complexes in the future and help him take care of oral hygiene. After therapy boy often smiles.