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Iwona (32)Elżbieta (35)Jolanta (46)Ewa (28)Karolina (38)

Iwona 32.

Dramatically neglected the moving tooth number one – did not take timely appropriate treatment and lost it.
Adokat in touch with people. He loves his work – the final result of treatment as waiting to win the lottery – paid off.

Elżbieta 35.

Mom of two boys (3 and 6). Nearly six years spent on caring for children and the home. In the end decided to go back to work and to the people. She regained her smile by dental treatment. The result – confident and satisfied mother, wife and businesswoman.

Jolanta 46.

She lost a tooth due to an unfortunate accident. Struck during the fall. Lack of tooth was to her unacceptable. She felt uncomfortable at work and during contact with people.

After completion of the treatment her smile is charming – seduced her husband again 🙂

Ewa 28.

Kindergarten teacher.

She loves playing with kids and laughing along with them. Lack of canine effectively hindered her smiling. She decided to implantation to be able to more beautiful smile to kids.

Mother of 4-year-old Casper, who is in her class in kindergarten. He loves when his mom laughing and having fun with him and other children.

Karolina 38.

Mom of three children of school age. She is very busy. At one time she forgot about herself and neglected teeth. She really wanted to win back your ex smile to improve the relationship with her husband and be more smiling at work. It worked 🙂