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Aestihic dentistry

Liliana (30)Adam (25)Eryk (35)Urszula (43)Weronika (19)Grzegorz (31)Maria (31)

Liliana 30.

Ms. Liliana always strive for perfection. She is curious about the world journalist – a lot of traveling and talking with people. A small correction of aesthetic teeth increased her comfort in dealing with people.

She always wants to make everything the most perfect and that’s why she decided to improve your smile.

Adam 25.

The Banker

Malocclusion and missing teeth effectively hindered his meeting with clients. In his private life – single. After completion of the orthodontic treatment, smile all the time visitors to the patient’s face. 100% change in my life! The promotion of work and personal life – married next year …

Eryk 35.

Owner of a car dealership, dad 6 year old Patrick.

Mr. Eric received incredible results thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Now selling at his car dealership has increased, as willingly and often smiling at customers, and after work playing with her son – of course, toy cars … 

Urszula 43.

Agent nieruchomości.

Ciągły pęd w pracy i w życiu doprowadził go do zaniedbania swoich zębów. Niedługo będą obchodzili z mężem 10 rocznicę ślubu. Warto było przejść kilkuetapowe leczenie, żeby teraz uśmiechać się do męża nowym, wspaniałym uśmiechem 🙂

Weronika 19.

Mrs. Veronica has long wanted to to have a “california smile.” He works as a glamor model. Before treatment, her smile was slightly corrected in the pictures. Now everything has changed radically. Mrs. Veronica has a wonderful smile that brightens all of her pictures. Her boyfriend was marvelled at her smile and he is more and more jelaous of her.

Grzegorz 31.

Mr. Gregory has long struggled with the problem of clenching and bruxism (teeth grinding). This has led to the destruction of the teeth, which were his bane. He could not fully enjoy life and lacked a smile. He decided to change it. Now he is enjoying it every trifle and smile on his face is almost all the time.

Maria 31.

The teacher in junior high school.

Continuous contact with young people, parents and colleagues at school. Mom of 5 year old Sophie. She wanted natural beauty – white and subtle smile. Effects of treatment made now smiling more often and is very proud of her smile 🙂